Get to Know the 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk—Check Out These Skid Plates

Here at Arcadia Motors Chrysler Dodge Jeep, we’re fortunate to be ideally situated in Wisconsin’s beautiful landscape, with access to rivers, natural areas, and some excellent trails to take your Jeep brand vehicle out on. If you’re climbing some rock hills, fording any creeks or small rivers, or you’re just planning on tearing it up on the trails, you’re going to want to check out this next video about the 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk.

One thing that helps the 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk get over some of the biggest obstacles: skid plates! Using heavy-duty steel outfitted beneath the vehicle to protect the important components that are housed there. You’ll find plates on the transfer case, steering/oil pan, fuel tank, and more. So you can feel confident as you scale a new hill, carefree as you cross a river, knowing the bottom of your Jeep brand vehicle is reinforced and protected, as with the 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk.

While the 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk isn’t yet in our Arcadia, WI showroom, you can still check out the other excellent members of the Jeep brand lineup to bring some skid plates into your life!